Big Fun in a Small Space

A little box in a BIG box

The Ready Room is not the smallest gallery, but fifty square feet isn’t big enough to properly dance. But it is big enough to showcase some fine 2D and 3D works by talented folks, both inside and outside it’s home at the Artisan’s Asylum.

What is the Ready Room?

The Ready Room wasn’t ready for a long time: and most of the time it still serves as a work area and storage space for Skunkadelia. Since metal is so heavy, the boxes never got stacked more than shoulder height. The space seemed wasted. With lots of teamwork, a steel cage and shelving system was constructed. The larger pieces of metal were hauled home on a bicycle trailer. It all adds up to a real nice little space.

How to visit the Ready Room

Come to the openings

Come to the Artisan’s Asylum and check in at the front desk, you will be guided from there.

Contact the Ready Room for a private viewing

Private viewings are highly encouraged: simply contact us to schedule an appointment: don’t be shy, the gallery is for visiting!

Note: Artisan’s Asylum members are free to stop by the gallery any time for an ‘unguided tour’: hit the big red button on the right side of the archway entrance to turn the lights on and off.

While visiting the gallery openings

  • Feel free to peek into the spaces. Please refrain from entering them without permission.
  • Please take pictures, especially of the Ready Room and the SCUL space. Please be kind and ask permission before photographing people.
  • Ask the front desk people how the Asylum can help you make your life even more thrilling!
  • Do sign the Ready Room Microgallery guest book.
  • Please take a post card!
  • Please resist the urge to wander into the industrial areas without an official tour guide.

Treasure Map

The Microgallery is a small box in HUGE box. The box is so huge, you’d need at least three more treasure maps to see it all. Check out the map at the front desk for the full effect.


About the Artisan’s Asylum

Artisan’s Asylum, Inc. is a non-profit community craft studio, whose mission is to support and promote the teaching, learning and practicing of craft of all varieties; offering advanced facilities, space & storage rentals, publicly-accessible and affordable classes and the hosting and promotions of events.